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How effective online marketing has grown my dental practice

Vivid Dental

I never thought I could consistently attract parents to bring their kids to my practice – but I finally worked out how.

Now I’d like to leverage this program with other dental practices. Here’s how …


Hi, I’m Dr Caroline Nguyen from Vivid Dental in Five Dock.

Treating kids is a very active part of our practice. But this wasn’t always the case. I worked hard to build a process that allowed me to speak directly to parents, that made them feel comfortable about bringing their kids to Vivid Dental and most importantly keep coming back.

Today, we have developed this process into a marketing program – My Kids DentistMy biggest frustration and your opportunity is that parents don’t like to travel. There is nothing more annoying than to talk to a mum or dad and then have them say “You’re not really convenient for us, do you have a dentist closer to home?”

Would you like to join us in marketing My Kids Dentist in your local area?

Right now we are looking for 20 dental practices to participate in the trial of this initiative.

My Kids Dentist is an extensive online marketing program developed with the help of a team of online and social media experts. Their knowledge and experience has allowed me to manage this system whilst running my busy practice. They spend hours each week refining our program ensuring we use the most effective and up to date strategies possible. The online marketing environment changes so fast, so staying on the cutting edge has given us a huge advantage over other local practices.

As a result we have a steady stream of new kids, their siblings and often their parents who join as new clients to our practice.

You may be very familiar with this style of marketing and if so, we look forward to detailing our strategy to you. If this is all new that’s OK, only two years ago it was new to me too.

You won’t be asked to do any more work than you already do today. All the strategy, content, advertising and lead generation will be done by us. We just need a network of dental practices who are keen to welcome kids as new patients.

For more information, phone Roy West on 1300 693 750 or email

CLICK HERE for the full information pack to be the exclusive My Kids Dentist in your local area