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Emergency Dentist

emergency dentist

What Dental Emergencies occur in Children?

Dental emergencies are relatively common in children. The main dental emergencies that occur in children are related to accidents and sports injuries. Broken front teeth and trauma to the teeth and jaw needs immediate attention.

Toothache can also be stressful when your child is in pain. Toothache may be caused by an infection, dental cavities or decay, and requires immediate dental attention.

A tooth infection forming an abscess (pus-filled swelling) can be quite serious and need to be addressed immediately. If untreated, abscesses can quickly worsen and become life threatening.

How can I avoid Dental Emergencies for my Child?

It’s recommended that children visit the dentist for the first time by 3 years of age. With regular 6 monthly checkups we can encourage them to develop good teeth cleaning habits. As they get a bit older, teeth cleaning and regular x-rays can help maintain their teeth cavity free or at the very least pick up problems early before they become difficult to restore.

What do I do if a Baby Tooth is Knocked Out?

If a baby tooth is completely knocked out in an accident do not put it back in. Putting it back in will damage the developing adult tooth.

What do I do if a Baby Tooth is Knocked?

Unfortunately our kids teeth can be bumped and traumatised in a childhood accident. This is especially common if your child is learning how to walk or if they are playing. If your child damages their teeth in a fall or accident get it checked by a dentist. They will check the tooth and the soft tissues around the tooth.

What do I do if an Adult Tooth is Knocked Out?

If an adult tooth has been completely knocked out, find it immediately. Only hold it by the crown (don’t touch the roots). Put the tooth back straight away if it is clean. If it is dirty, wash quickly under milk or saline (if available) than replant the tooth in the mouth. Bite on a clean handkerchief or cloth and see a dentist immediately.

If you cannot replant the tooth, store it in milk or saline. DO NOT use water because it will permanently damage the tooth. The quicker a tooth is put back in, the better the chance the tooth will survive.

My child was up all night with a tooth ache – what do I do?

Toothaches can be quite painful. If your child is suffering from dental pain, you need to ensure it is not a serious infection as these can worsen and become an abscess.

What should I do in a Dental Emergency?

In the case of a dental emergency, try calling your regular dentist first to explain the situation. Often they can explain the steps over the phone on how to best handle the situation.

For peace of mind, contact one of our My Kids Dentist practices in an area convenient to you. The opening hours for My Kids Dentist practices are on our website, and many are open six days a week. Our website can assist you to locate a child-friendly dentist near you.