Many parents are concerned about children wobbling their loose baby teeth, as they fear it may be harmful to the tooth or gum. Generally, if your child has loose baby teeth, it’s okay for them to ‘wiggle’ them. This is not usually harmful to their teeth, however there are a few factors that you should always consider first.

Is it a baby tooth or adult tooth?

If the loose tooth is a baby tooth, it will eventually come out so wiggling should not be an issue. However if your child has a loose adult tooth, you need to urgently visit a dentist. Adult teeth are permanent and should not come loose, so any damaged or loose teeth need to be assessed immediately.

Why is the tooth loose?

If the baby tooth is loose because of a knock, a fall or a trauma to the tooth, it’s crucial to come in and see a dentist before your child loosens the tooth even more. If the tooth is loose simply because of natural growth and development and adult teeth coming through, it is good for children to gently wiggle the tooth.

Is the tooth sore, discoloured or bleeding?

If there are painful symptoms associated with the loose tooth, or you notice the tooth is grey or brown in appearance, it’s best to have it assessed by a dentist before encouraging your child wiggling the tooth.

Losing baby teeth is an exciting part of your child growing up. If your child hasn’t had any trauma to the mouth and they find their baby teeth are naturally becoming loose, encouraging gentle wobbling of the tooth is a great way to ensure the teeth fall out when they are supposed to.

If you’re concerned that your child’s baby tooth is wobbly when it shouldn’t be or if your child’s mouth is sore, discoloured or bleeding, contact your local My Kids Dentist for an urgent appointment.

Leanne Smith

Leanne Smith of Vivid Dental is a dually qualified Dental Hygienist and Dental Therapist with over 13 years experience in the dental profession. Leanne is passionate about preventative dentistry and patient care, particularly for children and adolescents. Leanne is currently completing her PhD and has joined a research team with internationally known paediatric specialists to help improve the dental health of children.