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Molar Teeth

molar teeth

What are Baby (Primary) Molar Teeth?

By the age of 3, your infant should have 8 baby molars, 2 on the lower jaw and 2 on the top jaw. The molar teeth are important as they help your child chew their food. They also guide the space for the adult teeth to erupt into the correct position.

When do Baby (Primary) Teeth Molars Erupt?

The first primary molar will erupt around the time of their first birthday (usually between 12-16 months) and the second primary molars will erupt just after their second birthday (usually 23-30 months).

What are Adult (Permanent) Molar Teeth?

There are three types of adult molars, the first molar, second molar and third molar (which are known as the “wisdom teeth”). Molars are especially important for chewing and eating. They are permanent teeth, so it is important to clean them well and have them checked often to keep them healthy for life

When do the Adult (Permanent) Molar Teeth Erupt?

The first molar erupts at the back of the baby teeth when your child is about 6-7 years old. These teeth can often erupt without the parent or child knowing because a baby tooth is not lost when they erupt because they come through behind the last baby tooth.

The second molar comes through at around 11-13 years old. They are positioned behind the first adult molars.

The third molar teeth, or wisdom teeth, generally erupt from 17-25 years of age. Depending on their positioning they can erupt when we are older than this, and some people do not get wisdom teeth at all.

The dentist will generally take an x-ray to check if wisdom teeth are present in the jaw bone and how they are positioned to erupt. The dentist can identify potential issues and may need to remove teeth that are impacted in the jaw or unable to erupt due to crowding in the mouth.