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Straight Teeth

straight teeth

How Can I Help My Child Get Straight Teeth?

Genetics and health play a big part in determining wether your child will have naturally straight teeth.  While there is not much you can do about genetics, you need to be aware that health concerns that can affect the teeth. Health issues such as fevers and sinusitis can causes changes to jaw development, and may result in teeth over-crowding later in life.

It is important to look after your child’s baby teeth as cavities can lead to crowding. If baby teeth are extracted early due to cavities, this can cause later problems for the developing adult teeth.

If your child’s teeth do end up with crowding, look crooked or there are developmental issues, there are orthodontic appliances both fixed and removable that can help. There are many different types depending on what the problems are and the age of your child.

Does my child need to have their wisdom teeth removed to avoid crowding?

There are many reasons why your dentist may suggest your child have their wisdom teeth removed. One reason being that there is not enough room for them to come through. There is also sometimes concern that the wisdom teeth will cause crowding.

Are straight teeth important?

A smile with well aligned teeth makes it easier for your kids to keep their teeth healthy into adulthood and beyond. Straight teeth can improve the appearance and function of the teeth, resulting in better dental health and happy smiles.

What’s wrong with crooked teeth?

If teeth are crooked, it may increase the risk of injury (for example, if they are buck teeth), gum problems (gingivitis) and tooth decay because they are more tricky to clean. Crooked teeth may not function properly, and in some cases it can make it difficult to bite into food and chew normally. Besides function, crooked teeth are not always ideal aesthetically.

How can my child’s teeth be straightened?

Kids teeth can be straightened in a few ways depending on how crooked they are.  Quite commonly orthodontic appliances (either fixed braces or an expander of some type) may be needed to align the teeth. Other times restorative procedures, such as composite bonding can improve the aesthetics.

When should I straighten my child’s teeth?

If you or your child is concerned about the positioning about your child’s teeth it is best to have a chat with your dentist. At this appointment they can evaluate the positioning of the teeth, let you know your treatment options. In most cases, treatment commences when the adult teeth are erupted. Despite this some treatment does commence when the primary teeth (baby teeth) are present, so it is best have your concerns addressed sooner rather than later.