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Wisdom Teeth

wisdom teeth

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are a common name for the third molar. It erupts into the mouth behind the second molar (the second molar comes through around 12 years old age). Commonly, there are two wisdom teeth in the upper jaw and two in the lower jaw. The number of wisdom teeth a person has does vary; some have less than four or even none at all.

When Will I get Wisdom Teeth?

The eruption time may vary for each person.  Wisdom teeth typically erupt around 17 to 25 years old but can erupt when someone is in their 30’s or even older. Some cannot erupt into the mouth normally because they are impacted in the jaw and are unable to come through.

How can my Wisdom Teeth be Checked?

Your dentist can check your wisdom teeth during a check-up and they s/he may also take a special x-ray, called an OPG. This x-ray shows all of the teeth and the jaw bone. It is useful in looking at the position of the teeth and the structures that surround them. An OPG is quick and painless, and helps the dentist to take corrective action if needed.

Do all Wisdom Teeth need to be Removed?

No, not all wisdom teeth need to be removed.  Some cause no trouble if kept clean and are in a favourable position. If wisdom teeth are severely impacted or there is insufficient room in the mouth for them to erupt, they may need to be removed. Your dentist can guide you on this at your check-up.

What are Common Complications associated with Wisdom Teeth?

If troublesome, wisdom teeth can cause inflammation around the tooth and gum, swelling, discomfort and infection amongst other things. If you are concerned or in discomfort, please get them checked by your Dentist.